Derma Innovate, S.L. is a leading company in the development of a new generation of innovative products in the area of skin and hair regeneration.

The different lines that it develops, already in clinical phase, can benefit many groups and patients.

Currently, we are making a capital increase in the form of crowdfunding. Apart from the social nature of the project, Derma Innovate is an attractive investment opportunity. We believe that for small investors it is a really attractive investment option, offering an 80% dividend policy on profits.

The premoney value of the company stands at € 5.1 million (approximately 1/6 of the Gross Profit for the first 3 years).

With the completion of the Crowdfunding we want to reach € 400,000 (8.55% of Derma Innovate).

Therefore, the minimum investment is € 1,000.

If you are interested in making a contribution, you can make the deposit directly through the following link:

We have a customer service to help you answer any questions.

Telephone contact: 91 514 94  91/ 50



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