A new technology based on a laser device allows the development of new therapies in skin and hair regeneration

Derma Innovate, S.L., is a biotechnology company owned by Canaan Research & Investment, S.L., aimed at developing new solutions and innovative technologies for skin and hair regeneration.

The company has several lines of business focused on the regeneration of the skin, stimulation of hair growth, skin and hair regeneration in veterinary and development of therapies associated with light devices.

Recently, the company, in collaboration with the Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS), has developed in this last line of business light emitting devices capable of stimulating the physiological processes involved in skin regeneration, accelerating the closure of wounds and burns, and hair growth.

The maintenance and regeneration of the skin in different clinical and pathological situations is a fundamental challenge for the health system given the social and economic repercussions that it entails. The therapies that currently exist in this area of dermatological regenerative medicine are mostly palliative. In general, the process of cutaneous regeneration in different extensive, chronic or degenerative lesions is complicated, very expensive and the results are not very satisfactory.

The different lines of development of Derma Innovate focus on stimulating the capillary and cutaneous tissue to promote its regeneration.

The company has developed a line of topically applied compounds associated with light therapy that allows the stimulation and effective activation of the skin and hair. Currently, this development is in the validation phase in clinical trials.

Likewise, the continuous research work carried out within the company has led to the development of a new technology, based on a light-emitting device of a specific wavelength that allows the direct excitation of the molecular oxygen present. in cells and tissues at sufficient levels to stimulate cutaneous and hair regeneration in a rapid, effective and definitive manner.

After an intense period of research and development and after validation in preclinical trials, Derma Innovate has patented this new device that will promote the development of new therapies in regenerative medicine.