Derma Innovate, Minax Biosens and Isquaemia Biotech, companies participated by Canaan Research and Investment, have been recognized by Asociación Nacional de CEEIs Españoles (ANCES) as Innovative Technology-Based Companies.

Last April, ANCES granted each of the companies the EIBT Seal (Seal Innovative Technology-Based Companies).

“The granting of the EIBT seal by ANCES, supposes the national recognition of a mark that indicates the fulfillment of a series of business characteristics, configuring itself as a differentiating and communication element. It is a brand that provides full guarantees (considered as an endorsement) to demonstrate to different investing agents, granting institutions or possible partners its potential as a first level innovative project. In addition, it brings prestige and confidence in the private sphere by demonstrating the investment of these companies in R + D + i “.