Recently, the paper “Intrinsic activation of cell growth and differentiation in ex vivo cultured human hair follicles by a transient endogenous production of Ros“, of the research group of Derma Innovate, has been published in Scientific Reports.

The article, whose main authors are Dr. Jesús Espada Regalado, María Inmaculada Calvo Sánchez and Sandra Fernández Martos, was published on March 14.

The paper includes the study carried out by the company’s research team, which shows that a transient production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in hair follicles is able to activate hair growth quickly and effectively.

Derma Innovate bases one of its business lines on this scientific development. The company has an innovative treatment, based on the transient production of ROS in the hair follicle, which allows hair growth, as well as obtaining and generating hair in vitro for hair transplants.

The company has other lines of development, all focused on cutaneous and hair regeneration, based on innovative treatments that involve the use of exclusive compositions for the production of reactive oxygen species that promote the regeneration of skin and hair in a non-invasive way, safe, fast and effective.