The company Derma Innovate, owned by the investment company Canaan Research and Investment, based in Rabanales 21, has opened a process to find investors to help complete the clinical phase of patented compounds that allow regulating cutaneous and capillary regeneration.

As indicated Rabanales 21 in a note, this new procedure designed by Derma Innovate has been successfully tested in tests and concept tests in humans, achieving the activation of hair growth and acceleration in the healing of burns, locally activating the cells mothers of the skin.

“Our business model is based on licensing the final products, once these have been validated clinically, so that the pharmaceutical companies are in charge of taking them to the end user,” said Canaan president Enrique Sainz.

The valuation of the company before receiving the capital investment (pre-money value) is 5.5 million euros and the round of investment that they have opened is to cover seven percent of that value, that is, 385,000 euros. The dividend policy is set at 80 percent of the profits made by the company. The minimum investment of one share is around 1,000 euros.

Behind this research process carried out by Derma Innovate is Dr. Jesús Espada (researcher in collaboration with the CSIC and the Autonomous University of Madrid) and his team, formed by the research group in Epithelial Biology and Dermatology of the Ramón y Cajal Institute of Health Research (Irycis).

The lines of development of the company are based on the one hand, in treatments for skin regeneration in cases of wounds and burns, as well as the obtaining of artificial skin, through photosensitive decompositions of topical administration, associated with photodynamic therapy. This treatment activates the regeneration capacity of the cutaneous tissue and is applicable in both humans and animals.

On the other hand, Derma Innovate is developing procedures that allow to stimulate the regeneration and capillary growth in humans and animals. With these compounds up to 30 percent of alopecia cases could be treated.

Finally, the company has in the experimental phase a photodynamic therapy device, through a prototype of LED lighting source, applicable to human skin, with or without hair, which allows the effective and direct stimulation of the tissue for its regeneration, independently of any topical composition.

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